Coming Soon… “That’s Life!”

In just 11 days — on May 1, 2013 — the first-ever DigiScrap Parade will be kicking off. πŸ˜€

The Parade has been founded as a way to bring together top designers from some of the very best digital scrapbooking shops on the web β€” on a quarterly basis* β€” in order to offer customers a fun sampling of the best that digital scrapbooking has to offer.

The following digital scrapbooking shops β€” each one filled with designers who have a long-standing history in the digital scrapbooking world β€” are currently associated with the DigiScrap Parade:

  • ScrapMatters (SM)
  • Sweet Shoppe Designs (SSD)
  • The Digichick (TDC)
  • The Lilypad (TLP)

* Parades will launch on the first of each of the following months: Feb / May / Aug / Nov

All of the participating designers are currently busy behind the scenes, preparing some awesomeness for the May 1 Parade launch… and meanwhile, we’re doing our best to make it easy for all of you to follow us and join in on the fun, come 5/1.

FACEBOOK: We’ve set up a Facebook Page for the DigiScrap Parade… “like” the page to get a reminder when each quarterly Parade kicks off.

TWITTER: We’ve also set up a Twitter Page, for those who prefer to get updates via tweet… follow us here to stay updated.

PINTEREST: When the first Parade launches on 5/1, we’ll update our Pinterest page with pins/links to each of the participating designers’ freebies. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, and you’ll get some sheer loveliness in your Pinterest feed during the first week of May…

Meanwhile, mark your calendar! We’re just 11 days away… πŸ˜‰


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