February 2014 — For The Love Of…

It’s here! The February 2014 DigiScrap Parade is finally upon us. Woohoo! You’re going to fall in love with what the participating designers have put together for you this quarter. When you visit their sites, make sure to leave them a lot of love… because they definitely worked hard to make this quarter’s Parade possible… ♥

A quick note about navigating through the Parade… some of our participants are using their main web site/blog to share their creations, and some are using their Facebook page. For those of you who don’t use Facebook… many of those designers are also offering their portion by another means, as well (for instance — on their blog, if you subscribe to their newsletter, etc.). Check their page to see if they have an alternate link/method for you… many of them do!  If you have questions for any of them, just ask. 😉

  1. DigiScrapParade
  2. Dawn By Design
  3. Pink Reptile Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  4. Kim Broedelet
  5. LouCee Creations
  6. Scotty Girl Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  7. Charm Box Studios
  8. Deena Rutter
  9. Sabrina Creations
  10. Kimeric Kreations (and/or… alternate site here)
  11. Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage
  12. Mommyish
  13. Studio Memory Clips
  14. Jennifer Labre Designs
  15. Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  16. Snips and Snails Designs
  17. Gennifer Bursett (and/or… alternate site here)
  18. Mye De Leon
  19. Sweet Digi Scraps
  20. Quirky Twerp & Arty Pants
  21. Sweet Caroline Studio by Celeste Knight
  22. Stolen Moments (and/or… alternate site here)
  23. Clever Monkey Graphics
  24. Pixels & Company
  25. Just Jaimee
  26. Studio Sherwood
  27. Anita Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  28. Alexis Design Studio (and/or… alternate site here)
  29. Melissa Bennett
  30. Meagan’s Creations (and/or… alternate site here)
  31. Karla Dudley
  32. Southern Serenity Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  33. Wimpychompers
  34. Sherry Ferguson Designs
  35. Allison Pennington
  36. 2:00 AM Designs
  37. Creashens
  38. Juno Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  39. Amy Martin Designs
  40. Sara Gleason (and/or… alternate site here)

Enjoy! 😀


51 thoughts on “February 2014 — For The Love Of…

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  2. here is the list of links that weren’t working at 1:16AM EST.
    7 charmbox
    5 loucee creations
    13 studio memory
    20 arty pants
    23 clever monkey

  3. I always love the Parade and this one is just stunning!
    Thanks again to all the designers.

    What is not working for me:
    5. LouCee Creations – post is there but it’s not linked
    7. Charm Box Studios – post is there but it’s not linked
    13. Studio Memory Clips – I didn’t find anything
    20. Quirky Twerp & Arty Pants – I didn’t find anything
    23. Clever Monkey Graphics – I didn’t find anything
    27. Anita Designs – I didn’t find anything
    33. Wimpychompers – she’s got it all up but I can’t get it to download from 4shared

  4. Ramona from Studio MemoryClips. My link is now up! Sorry about that! I scheduled it for 12:00 but apparently that was noon! It is up and running now!

  5. Ladies – you are awesome. You made it so simple to get from one blog/FB page to another that I had time to look around your site and enjoy myself seeing all of the great work you have to offer. Thank you, Thank you. Now, I head back to the bookmarks I made and do a little more snooping. Love it.

  6. Thanks to all the designers (non FB) who made such great goodies to share this month. All were left some love! DSP – thank you for a beautiful color scheme this month! Saw lot of fun stuff on many blogs that I must go check out. Thanks again – great job by all.

  7. OMG – what an awesome hop . . .so many wonderful kits and items. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My external hard drive overfloweth with goodies!

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog train again. And for all the effort and time everyone puts into this to make it so much fun!

  9. Thank you so much to all the fabulous designers! I look forward to the DSP train because I know all the contributions will be of impeccable quality and so far I’ve liked all the palettes you’ve chosen, so I know I’ll really use what I download. What a supreme treat to get such a bounty of lovely designs, thank you. I’ve left comments on blog pages but I tend to feel awkward about clogging my friends’ facebook feeds with blog train thank-you comments (they do show up in other peoples’ feeds, right?) so I am instead thanking you all here.

  10. Whew – I’m shattered!! What a huge and fabulous Parade this month! Big Thank Yous to everyone involved. The designers excelled themselves and despite a groaning hard drive it was so hard to leave anything behind 🙂 All your efforts are much appreciated and I am looking forward to the next one!!

  11. Hello I just want to Thank You for such a great and Fantastic way to spend my Saturday. As I come to new stop in the parade my mind starts thinking about the endless possibilities for scrapping. Oh Denna Rutter ‘s link is not working.

  12. Thanks to all the designers for this awesome parade 🙂 I truly cannot wait to use these awesome freebies in my scrapping this year ❤

  13. Thank you so much to all the organisers and designers of this wonderful parade. So much versatility, loved them all; and loved the colour scheme. I really loved the fact that the title gave all the designers the ability to take it in whatever direction they wanted, while continuing the theme. Thanks heaps 🙂

  14. This was an awesome Digiscrap-Parade! The color palette was beautiful and the contribution from each designer was so resourceful and creative. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Really appreciate your generosity.

  15. This is the first time I’ve done this since I have, just in the last 6 months, started digital scrapbooking. I loved this. Thank you so much. Had some problems finding the freebie but eventually found them.

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