May 2014 — Playful

It’s here! The May 2014 DigiScrap Parade is finally here. As always, you are going to love what the participating designers have put together for you this quarter. When you visit their sites, make sure to leave them a lot of love… because they definitely worked hard to make this quarter’s Parade possible… ♥

A quick note about navigating through the Parade… some of our participants are using their main web site/blog to share their creations, and some are using their Facebook page. For those of you who don’t use Facebook… many of those designers are also offering their portion by another means, as well (for instance — on their blog, if you subscribe to their newsletter, etc.). Check their page to see if they have an alternate link/method for you… many of them do!  If you have questions for any of them, just ask. 😉

  1. DigiScrapParade
  2. Sabrina’s Creations
  3. Charm Box Studios
  4. Clever Monkey Graphics
  5. Creative Victorian by Lonetta Avelar
  6. Amanda Yi Designs
  7. Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage
  8. Véro Scrap
  9. Alexis Design Studio (and/or… alternate site here)
  10. Amber Shaw
  11. Dawn by Design
  12. Polka Dot Pixels (and/or… alternate site here)
  13. Snips and Snails Designs
  14. LouCee Creations
  15. Wimpychompers Creations
  16. Maya de Groot (and/or… alternate site here)
  17. Jennifer Labre Designs
  18. Jimbo Jambo Designs
  19. Kimeric Kreations (and/or… alternate site here)
  20. Scotty Girl Design (and/or… alternate site here)
  21. Gennifer Bursett
  22. Juno Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  23. Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  24. Digital Scrapbook Ingredients (and/or… alternate site here)
  25. Meagan’s Creations (and/or… alternate site here)
  26. Mommyish
  27. River Rose Designs
  28. Little Bit Shoppe
  29. Deena Rutter
  30. Digital Design Essentials
  31. Blue Flower Art
  32. Amy Martin Designs
  33. 2:00 AM Designs
  34. Vicki Stegall Designs
  35. Melissa Bennett
  36. Anita Designs
  37. ninigoesdigi
  38. Pink Reptile Designs (and/or… alternate site here)
  39. LJS Digital Designs
  40. Sweet Caroline Studio by Celeste Knight
  41. Design by Ziska
  42. Angie Hinksman
  43. Sugarplum Paperie
  44. Penny Springmann
  45. Amy Wolff Designs
  46. Our Misadventures (and/or… alternate site here)
  47. Stolen Moments Design (and/or… alternate site here)
  48. Allison Pennington
  49. creashens
  50. Sara Gleason (and/or… alternate site here)
  51. Krystal Hartley
  52. Southern Serenity Designs by Amber Morrison
  53. Jady Day Studio
  54. Just Jaimee

Enjoy! 😀