November 2014 — The Scary Stuff

It’s here! The November 2014 DigiScrap Parade is finally live! As always, you are going to love what the participating designers have worked up for you this quarter. When you visit their sites, make sure to leave them a lot of love… because they worked hard to make this quarter’s Parade possible… ♥ A quick note about navigating through the Parade… some of our participants are using their main web site/blog to share their creations, and some are using their Facebook page. For those of you who don’t use Facebook… many of those designers are also offering their portion by another means, as well (for instance — on their blog, if you subscribe to their newsletter, etc.). Check their page to see if they have an alternate link/method for you… many of them do!  If you have questions for any of them, just ask. 😉

  1. Kim B’s Designs
  2. Akizo Designs
  3. Scotty Girl Design
  4. Pink Reptile Designs
  5. Alexis Design Studio
  6. ninigoesdigi
  7. Kimeric Kreations
  8. Charlize Creations
  9. Amy Martin Designs
  10. Mari Koegelenberg
  11. Paula Kesselring
  12. Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs
  13. Digital Scrapbook Ingredients
  14. Mommyish
  15. Maya deGroot (and/or… alternate site here)
  16. Dido Designs
  17. Just Jaimee
  18. Snips and Snails (and/or… alternate site here)
  19. Sweet Digi Scraps
  20. LJS Digital Designs
  21. LDrag Designs
  22. Amanda Yi Designs
  23. Vicki Stegall Designs
  24. Meagan’s Creations
  25. Sugarplum Paperie
  26. Dawn by Design
  27. Deena Rutter
  28. Creative Victorian (and/or… alternate site here)
  29. Anita Designs
  30. Peppermint Creative
  31. Sweet Caroline Studio
  32. Girl Boy Girl Designs
  33. Allison Pennington
  34. Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage
  35. GUEST: Danielle Young Designs
  36. GUEST: Word Art World
  37. GUEST: Mel Hains Designs

Enjoy! 😀


43 thoughts on “November 2014 — The Scary Stuff

  1. Thank you for a wonderful parade! I guess I’ll have to revisit some of them, some seemed to not be ready and/or have broken links. anyhoo, it was fun!

  2. Thank you wonderful ladies. This has been fun and enjoyable as I got to see so many wonderful sites, FB pages and great sale items. Love this.

  3. I always enjoy the Parades and seeing all of the great talent that I am so jealous of. Wonderful people here to give us all so much in the way of free things. xox Thank you so much to all!!

  4. A big thank you to all the designers! Left love at all sites, except Peppermint Creative… could not find a way to leave a comment. Wonderful collection – love the colors and what everyone put together!!

  5. Whew! I made it to the end and the hard drive is still working!! What a lot of absolutely lovely kits! Such creativity – many thanks to all the organisers and designers. I’ve had a lovely afternoon! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  7. Does Charlize Creations have an alternate site? The Facebook link has been disabled due to too much traffic. I hate to miss her fun designs. Thanks for the parade. Always enjoy the new treats!

  8. Thanks to each and every one of you for this fabulous kit. I’m especially grateful that only 6 of you held your freebie hostage to Facebook. Several of you provided alternate download links AT the Facebook page and for that I am very grateful. Even though the files I got were incredibly generous, for some reason Facebook annoys me. I am never going to join Facebook, and truthfully, I can’t understand how it helps you as a marketing tool.
    Sorry for the rant. I AM very grateful for this amazing kit and for the talented artists who contributed to it.

  9. so many lovely minis (and word art, templates, journal cards… so the list goes on!) – I love the different styles! thank you.

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  11. Thank you for a fantastic parade! I appreciated the different styles of scary. There is definitely something for everyone in this amazing kit. Thank you.

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