May 2018 — Garden Party

It’s finally here! The May 2018 DigiScrap Parade is live! As always, we think you are going to really love what the participating designers have worked up for you this quarter. When you visit their sites, make sure to leave them a lot of love… because they worked hard to make this quarter’s Parade possible… ♥

A quick note about navigating through the Parade… some of our participants are using their main web site/blog/shop to share their creations, and some are using their Facebook page. For those of you who don’t use Facebook… no worries! You can still access the tab on their Facebook page that houses the Parade freebie download (even if you’re not a Facebook user and/or are not signed-in to a Facebook account). If you have questions for any of the designers and/or trouble with their downloads, please use their contact info to get in touch with them directly (i.e. they don’t all read the comments you might leave here on this thread, so you’ll want to reach out to them individually, if necessary… using the contact info you will find on their web sites). 😉

  1. Dunia Designs
  2. Designed by Soco
  3. KimB Designs
  4. ninigoesdigi
  5. Little Lamm Paper Co.
  6. Grace Lee
  7. Rachel Hodge
  8. Sahin Designs
  9. Jimbo Jambo Designs
  10. Jen Balding
  11. Meagan’s Creations
  12. Calista’s Stuff
  13. Dawn by Design
  14. Jen C Designs
  15. Anita Designs (and/or alternate site here)
  16. Sherry Ferguson
  17. Melissa Bennett
  18. Laura Passage
  19. Karla Noél
  20. The Digital Press

Enjoy! 😀


31 thoughts on “May 2018 — Garden Party

  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous kits – I’m completely redoing several large perennial flower beds this year & am documenting it in my hybrid album so all these kits will get heavy use! Plus it’s my birthday month so gorgeous kits on a topic I love is the best gift ever!!

    BTW – for some reason I can’t post comments at lots of blogs (they just disappear when I press submit) so I hope the designers will see my collective thank you here.

  2. love everything, thank you so much:) I did want to let you know that the links that take you directly to a dropbox page are not able to download, it just lets you click on the folder but not actually download the file.

    • Michele B If you wait a few seconds on the upper right hand corner (near the sign in is a download drop down bar) Hope this helps.

  3. I tried to leave comments on each page, but I wanted to also say here how absolutely beautiful this hop is and how beautiful it ALWAYS is! The designers are all just amazing and I so appreciate your generous gifts. God bless you all! ❤

  4. Thank you to all the designers who made their gifts available, without issue. I dont use facebook and could not get these gifts. Sorry. You know with all that is happening with this facebook community one would think that when a gift is offered it should be without problems. I wish those who use facebook would take in to consideration that there are people who dont care for this site and would make their gifts available to everyone not just a select few in the future. I will not deal or even buy form anyone who excludes, or uses facebook.

    • Actually, Facebook business pages don’t require people to have Facebook accounts in order to view the pages (meaning, you can view the pages — just as with any web page — regardless of whether you, yourself, have a Facebook account or use the service). Access to these download links don’t require Facebook accounts, either. I’m guessing you didn’t give any of these stops a try, or you would likely know this — so we recommend you go ahead and click through to each one and gather these lovely digital goodies. 🙂

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