September 2020 — Capture the Journey

It’s finally here! The September 2020 DigiScrap Parade is live! As always, we think you are going to really love what the participating designers have worked up for you this quarter. When you visit their sites, make sure to leave them a lot of love… because they worked hard to make this quarter’s Parade possible… ♥

A quick note about navigating through the Parade… some of our participants are using their main web site/blog/shop to share their creations, and some are using a social media site such as their Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account. For those of you who don’t use any/all of those social media platforms… no worries! You can still access each of the pages that house each Parade freebie download (yes, even if you’re not a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram user and/or are not signed-in to one of those accounts).

If you have questions for any of the designers and/or trouble with their downloads, please use their contact info to get in touch with them directly (i.e. they don’t all read the comments you might leave here on this thread, which is separate from their own sites… so you’ll want to reach out to them individually, if necessary, instead of leaving troubleshooting comments here — using the contact info you will find on their web sites). 😉

    1. KimB Designs
    2. Jocee Designs
    3. ninigoesdigi
    4. Dawn by Design
    5. The Nifty Pixel
    6. Love It Scrap It
    7. Meagan’s Creations
    8. Gone Digital Design
    9. Rachel Etrog Designs
    10. WendyP Designs
    11. LJS Designs (or alternate site HERE)
    12. Digital Scrapbook Ingredients
    13. Designed by Soco
    14. Ponytails Designs
    15. Joyce Paul Designs

Enjoy! 😀


26 thoughts on “September 2020 — Capture the Journey

  1. Dawn by Design is requesting that we subscribe to her newsletter (which I already do) in order to receive the link to her portion.

    • Hi, Celine. If you are a new subscriber then you should have been redirected to a webpage with the download link. If you are a current subscriber then please know I forgot to schedule the newsletter for current subscribers before the Parade went live. I sent it during my lunch break today at work. Please check your email!

      • It’s extremely unfortunate that I can’t get your part, because I do not have any interest in signing up for yet another newsletter. Oh well.

  2. I also could not find a link to Dawn by Design without subscribing to her newsletter which I am already subscribed to. Is her link going to come in her newsletter?

  3. I’m bummed that I will miss out on part of the parade (Dawn by Design) because I do not want to sign up for yet another newsletter.

  4. I agree. I understand why designers want subscribers (it’s an inexpensive, easy way to promote your products) but offering your portion ONLY by being a subscriber defeats the purpose of a blog hop. It’s definitely not a good move, IMO.

  5. I agree with Belinda. This is the first time I have seen this on the blog train. I do have a lot of DBD products and enjoy her designs, but one more newsletter is something I don’t need. Sad to miss out on her contribution.

  6. Thank you so much, all… Every piece was amazing! ❤
    I tried to leave a thank you on every page, but on a couple of pages I couldn't figure out how to leave comments. I so appreciate you all and your generosity!

  7. Hello everyone. We are closing the comments on this post (a literal first for the DigiScrap Parade blog)… because nothing productive is going to come from anyone continuing to heap criticism on a designer who chose to use this particular Parade to build her small business during a pandemic that has wreaked financial havoc on the citizens of this planet (again, a literal first time for her, as she mixed it up this time by trying something new).

    Respectfully, everyone… this is a freebie hop designed to give exposure to the designers of this industry, while also offering a fun way for customers to try new-to-them designers and get free product. This is truly a case of — as my parents were known to say when I was growing up — something that is a “privilege, not a right.” Nobody is forcing anyone to download the freebies that our designers spend countless hours creating (for free!) for this community. There are 15 stops on this Parade and 14 of them (93+%) do not have a requirement attached. Nobody who chooses not to subscribe to a newsletter is being deprived of free digital product; they’re simply getting LESS free digital product, as a result of their own choices.

    Please never — never — come to this site again and call our designers “greedy” because you’re only getting 14 freebies instead of 15, through choosing not to support their small businesses other than to download their free work.

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